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Membership Details:
-Memberships will cost a $60 initiation fee.
-$60 Includes:
            1. Required Sewing Orientation and Machine Safety Class that you must take to use the machines and other sewing equipment
            2. A sweet MKE Fashion Incubator Keychain
            3. 25% off any class
            4. The opportunity to show your designs in our gallery and at Gallery Nights and other public events
            5. The opportunity to be a featured artist on our FB Page, Instagram and website

**Membership Cards and Keychains will be handed out after completion of orientation class.
***2 month minimum required.
Members will have access to the Incubator to make their own work during open studio times:

Tuesdays from 9-1
Thursdays from 12-7
Fridays from 9-1
Saturdays from 10-3
Possible Other times as the schedule permits

Members can sign up or drop-in and use open studio time with an hourly pass at $15/hour OR purchase a punch card for $150. A punch card consists of 5 punches per card, each punch is a 3 hour block of time for a total of 15 hours at $10/hour.

Members have access to specific machines, all displayed thread, all gravity irons and cutting tables, miscellaneous cutting tools, scrap fabric, measuring tapes and rulers, and conference tables when available. We ask that you clean up all items you use before you leave open studio.
Members may rent storage at the Incubator on an as needed basis or monthly. This includes the use of hanging storage, bins and or cubicles. The prices of the storage usage are being developed and will be available soon.

Call (414) 944-1608 or SIGN UP NOW to Sign up for your MKE Fashion Incubator Membership!