Introduce your scouts to the MKE Fashion Incubator! Our classes run 2 hours at a cost of $25/child plus a $65 materials fee per troop (up to 10 scouts). We offer several options for your troops and can also order badges to go along with them if you desire. 

Fashion Upcycling
Find out what this new trend is about and become fashionably green! Bring in tired items from home and experience what upcycling is all about. Using items from your own wardrobe, we will teach you design techniques such as fringing, beading, cropping and cut outs. Create stencils and design with patches and trims. Take home your upcycled creation!

Inspiration Boards
Are your scouts interested in learning the fashion design basics? Come create inspiration boards and learn how to sketch and design using art supplies and fabric swatches. Take home your very own portfolio!

Discover how to master the creation of skillful design sketches here at MKE Fashion Incubator!  Your scouts will learn the principles of sketching including how to use a figure outline called a croquis.  Croquis is the French word for "sketch" and refers to the figure outline used as a basis to sketch their designs.

Hand Sewing
MKE Fashion Incubator will teach your scout the fundamentals of hand sewing! Be prepared to learn about knots, stitches and sewing buttons and clasps. Learn these basics and sew your own creation to take home!

Machine Sewing 

A great introduction to the sewing machine parts, safety and simple stitches, this workshop will result in a completed tote bag or pillow case- sewn by the scouts on our beginner sewing machines. 

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